Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nearly Vacant

Three images of a five part series, model Heather Johnson, so graciously let me invade her home to complete a series about a vulnerable woman living alone in a new home.

The Crying Series, 2010.

This was an assignment for a staged self-portrait that did not turn out to be very staged at all. I hold this series close to my heart as the viewer will always wonder what thoughts evoked such an emotionally intense response.

Tattooed Portraits

A personal project, I decided to do a series of portraits of people with large-scale tattoos. I saw a lot of beautiful sunrise and sunsets for these images. A special thanks to my models: Conner Mcpherson, Patrick Thomas Parnell, Daniel Buso-Jarnis, Chelsea Muller, and Sarah Graves.

Composite Card

This was my first attempt for a model comp. card. Aspiring model William Broxterman was a perfect choice for the project. I thankfully received graphic design advice as well from Jibran Kutik, a Graphic Design major at Ringling College.

C.A.B. Fayre

In collaboration with local designer Carey Borden of C.A.B. Fayre, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph her unique jewelry designs modeled by Lauren Joens.


I decided to mimic 1940's - 50's hairstyles for my alternative process work on palladiums. Here, model Heather Johnson had the style and persona I was looking for.

Fire Ritual, 2008.

A photo-sequence of model Conner Mcpherson. A piece inspired by Duane Michals, the fire was not digitally imposed. We had a lot of fun on this project. Totally worth the $1.50 newspaper and box of matches!